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Found in Google

quote openMy Name is Jon Cagle, and I’m from I purchased the advanced package from Wisdek about 8 months ago. When I just started with Wisdek, I was frustrated, since I didn’t get results, but they told me to wait, due to the high competition of the key phrases, I’m happy that I have decided to give them the chance to work on my account, since now I’m on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing, and I can feel the impact on my business, recently I even started to get orders from abroad. Most of the clients which calling me, claim that they found me in Google. quote close

Jon Cagle


quote openI am thrilled to have finally found an honest and trustworthy company that helps market my company and make it grow on the internet in the most effective way. I get truthful answers when it comes to what is the most useful marketing method that will increase the organic search engine ranking. Wisdek always follows through with my requests, no matter how large or small they might be as long as it is for the best of the company. I really believe that we are a team and it takes a team effort these days to make a company grow. Working with Wisdek to bring visibility to future customers is one of the the best decisions I have made.quote close

Sharon Renshall, President

My traffic increased 50% since 1st month:

quote openTo all the hesitant people out there I have started with Wisdek search engines about 6 months ago at the request of a very educated and helpful salesperson (Jessica) Since the first month with Wisdek my traffic flow increased by at least 50 percent. Customers were calling me out of the blue stating they just googled skincare or waxing on thier phone and i came up first.

Then people would call from google maps and say: "Wow you are right around the corner and I never knew it. You came up first on google maps"..

I look back on my books and my income has DOUBLED since using Wisdek. I highly reccomend Wisdek`s services. They send me a graph monthly so that i could monitor all the traffic that was visiting my website. If you want to improve your business i suggest Wisdek. They... actually delivered what they promise! I intend on being a long term client. Thank you for all your help!quote close

Gina M. Bisignano

Phone doesn`t stop ringing!

quote openGuys, you are awesome! Phone just doesn`t stop ringing! It is ten times better than any other form of advertising I use and I tried everything, from bench advertising to buying time on TV! Thank you, now I know what "online marketing" means, too.quote close


#1 on Google in 30 days!

quote openWe have just selected Wisdek to provide SEO services for our website After just 30 days, has already achieved #1 rankings in Google for the keywords "Auto Glass Repair MN" and for "Auto Glass Replacement Minneapolis". Our new website is also ranked on Google number 3 for "Windshield Replacement Minneapolis" as well as number 4 for "Windshield Repair Minneapolis". We are excited to see future ranking results for more keywords on the website!quote close

Mark Reese

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