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6. Monthly Progress Reporting

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SEO is an art - and a science. See how your website goes up in ranks - without being an SEO expert or spending a lot of time: you will get an easy-to-understand reports each month.

Initial SEO Evaluation and Ranking Progress Reports

Every month we analyze your website's positions in 3 major search engines and compile a report that show your website rankings. We run initial evaluation report first, before we start working on your site - and follow up every month so we can compare the results.


  • You learn how your website is ranked before we start optimizing it
  • Quickly see how your rankings improve in search engines for each keyword
  • Learn which new keywords bring traffic to your website
  • See how traffic increases to your web properties overtime

Example Monthly Report:

seo report

This report demonstrates website positions in search engines for selected keywords along with relative changes in rankings. This example demonstrates positions in Australian search engines.

  • The "up" arrow illustrates movement of the keyword up in search engine rankings compared to last month: that shows how your website's position for that keyword changed and by how much. In our case, keyword "limo hire melbourne" gained 30 positions in Google and 5 positions in Bing and is now displayed on 17th position in Google, 4th position in Yahoo and 3rd position in Bing (MSN search engine).

  • The "plus" sign means website was not found by given keyword before at all. In this example, take a look at the last keyword at the bottom of the report: "stretch limo". One month ago website was not found at all on Bing, this month it's already #3.

Compare your rankings with last month's results and see improvement in search engine rankings - fast and easy. Don't waste time on checking your positions manually - know exactly how you progress!

As our customer, you will be provided with ranking reports free of charge, every month.Reporting

Spend 5 minutes/month to track your results

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