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3. Link Building...

Home / SEO Packages / Link Building a GUARANTEED way to more traffic: constant flow of links from reputable websites to your site literally tells Google that your site matters. Ever heard of "word of mouth"? Exactly.

HTML CodeLink Building Campaigns (monthly):

Would you like your customers to scream about your company on every corner and recommend you to everyone they know?

We bet you would! But people only listen to those they trust the most - and it works the same way in search engine world:

Google trusts older, "authority" websites with quality content.

When authority websites link to your site (i.e. like this: "Best SEO company"), they literally recommend your website to Google, like you would recommend something to your friend.

Your website will SKYROCKET ahead of your competition when new links start appearing all over the internet on relevant authority websites with High Page Rank. This job cannot be automated - manual selection of link partners makes all the difference. You will be provided with link building reports - each month as we build them.

Your website gains higher rankings every month for chosen keywords

Example: would you like Obama to recommend you? On TV?.. That would work 200%!

...But would you hire some random guy from the street to run around, screaming your company name.. and website address? Nobody would listen! Except city cops - they'd probably charge him with public disturbance and you'd get in trouble. (That's also 200%).

Similar things happen to lazy website owners that pay $20 for 10,000 links from shady websites that Google considers as "search engine spam". Result: website gets BANNED!

As a matter of fact, Google is #1 search engine in the world because of it's ranking algorithm: and more than 65% depends on linking. See diagram below:

Link Building Effect on Ranking

Let us help you support a healthy online marketing strategy with contextual link building using content marketing and networking.
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#1 Rankings on Google after 1 month!..

"...We have just selected Wisdek to provide SEO services for
Harmon Auto Glass provides windshield replacement and repair services for customers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area.

After just 1 month, has already achieved #1 rankings in
Google for keywords "Auto Glass Repair MN" and for "Auto Glass Replacement Minneapolis" The website is also ranked in Google #3 for "Windshield Replacement Minneapolis" and #4 for "Windshield Repair Minneapolis". We are excited to see future ranking results for more keywords on the website!

- Mark Reese, President,
Harmon AutoGlass Minnesota

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