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Trending By Association? The Truth About Growth Hacking

May. 06, 2014

How to Make Growth Hacking Work For You
Growth hacking is a way to rapidly promote brand awareness and increase your potential customer base. Growth hackers use Twitter hashtags, retweets, mentions and “favourites” to exploit already established audiences in order to publicize their own products or services and engage more followers.

This is a popular marketing policy for start-up companies who are looking to rapidly create a potential customer base, but there is no reason that it cannot be successfully used for already established companies looking to expand into new markets.
However, if you are going to growth hack, you need to do it wisely. Consumers are becoming increasingly irritated by the barrage of growth hack messages that bombard their devices inviting them to share the message with their group of contacts. No-one likes to feel exploited so make sure your growth hacks are relevant, brief and targeted to the right audience otherwise you could risk alienating the very groups you are trying to seduce. 

Making the most of event hashtags 
One of the most effective ways to growth hack is to take advantage of trending events and somehow find a way to tie in your product under the hashtag. 
Or course, to be effective, you have to somehow make sure your posting is relevant to the event itself, otherwise it will just attract cries of derision and a negative response.

Effective growth hackers will:
  1. think about the type of audience who are following the event, 
  2. be aware of the type of target audience they are trying to reach, and 
  3. devise a reason why the two might overlap and why the user may be  interested in what you have to offer. 
By strategically choosing your hashtags, you can focus your tweet or Facebook posting to attract positive attention and so are more likely to entice followers to retweet or forward your message on to their own contact group. 

Have a Clear Target Market in Mind
You’ll be more successful if you know exactly who you want to reach and why. It is all very well throwing out Twitters into the void but if you want the message to stick and lead to conversions you would do well to be very clear about who you want to respond.

Making the most of favourites, mentions and retweeting
Clicking the favourites and mentions button when you see a tweet that is somehow relevant to your product is a great way to draw attention to yourself too! It allows your followers to understand more clearly what your product is about and is a way to define the type of image you are trying to promote. Likewise click on @reply when retweeting someone’s message. This is a way to acknowledge and compliment the creator of the tweet and to offer them the opportunity of getting to know and follow you too. 
Make sure your retweets, mentions and favourites are interesting, topical and relevant – otherwise your followers won’t take you seriously.

Send out your Tweets more than once
Nobody spends their entire day reading Tweets and a single Tweet can be easily missed! Make sure you tweak your Tweet and send it out more than once in a day. Your followers may have missed it the first time round and sending out a second (different but similar) version is one way to be sure of engaging the attention of all your followers.

Making the most of your competition
Effective growth hackers always investigate their competition to see where and how they are targeting their marketing campaigns – because the same audiences could also work for you! Be sure to follow your competitors on Twitter so that you can keep abreast of their marketing strategy and adopt a similar approach to your best advantage. If you see something that works, it is ok to adapt it to work for you too.

Be sure to use photos and illustrations too!
There are numerous tests showing that good photos, illustrations and diagrams too are a great way to get attention and ensure that your message is more likely to be retweeted, mentioned and marked as favourite. Carbon copy (CC) everyone who is active in the hashtag to be sure of maximizing your potential audience.

Keep on top of what is getting most attention
There are hundreds of tweets being posted at any one time and so your one short message can easily get lost in the deluge. Monitor which Tweets are being picked up on and be ready to respond back quickly so that you too can enter and be visible in a popular dialogue. Even reposting your own earlier Tweet with a new twist is a way of ensuring increased engagement. 

Ask questions on Twitter and Facebook
Questions are a great way to engage more followers because people love being asked for and giving their opinions. Everyone who replies to you has their own set of followers who will also then see your question and have a chance to link up with you too and give their opinion and so the ripple effect goes on.

Use customized links to quantify how many followers seize the bait
Although growth hackers are initially more interested in expanding the numbers of followers, the real proof of the marketing pudding lies in how many followers actually go on to engage directly with your product. By using a shortened link back to your website as part of your message  you  will be able to monitor which of your new followers go on to find out more. Look into to find out more about customizing your links.
Growth hacking is a tried and tested way to increase your follower numbers – but remember to do it with care. With clearly defined goals, a targeted market, carefully selected hashtags, and meaningful content you can quickly expand your potential client base and be sure of picking up successful conversions in a quick and effective way.

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