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People Use Apps For Travel - Make Them Find YOU

Jun. 26, 2014


If you haven’t already done so you need to get your local business listed on Google Places to ensure you are easily visible to people looking for instant, timely information relevant to their current location. 
This is all the more important now that consumers are increasingly turning to mobile searches, social media, online directories and other digital means of finding out instantly what they want to know and how to get there while they are on the move. Google Places fits seamlessly into the latest features that have been added to Google Maps that are all focused on providing readily accessible information aimed at making life easier to manage on a small local scale and from a hand-held device.

The  integration of Uber into the Google Maps app.
Uber is an Android and iPhone application through which you can request an available private professional, licensed driver who is close to your location to take you to where you want to go, and you can pay for your ride on your credit card.  If you already have Uber downloaded on your device, Google Maps now lets you compare walking and Uber riding times so that you can choose whichever is fastest.
Lane navigation 
Similarly, Google Maps has also introduced a new  lane monitoring feature that will let you know how the traffic is proceeding in the lane that you are driving in so that you can decide to keep going as you are or switch to another, faster lane or route that will get you to your destination more efficiently.

Save maps for offline use and for use with all devices
And in yet another new feature, Google Maps now lets you save and name maps either to use later offline or to use from another device (provided that you sign in with your Google account).These travel features designed to make getting to your destination faster and easier than before work together with other expanded features that have been improved to provide easier access to more informative local bar, restaurant and hotel information. You can even check out train departure times now from Google Maps and explore vacation opportunities and ideas either in and around your current location or further afield!
These new features are all part of Google’s recent emphasis on providing improved online search capabilities adapted to each user’s geographical location. This is why it is so important to make sure you are included on local listings so that everyone in the vicinity will have access to their business information and directions to get there. 
One of the great advantages of signing up to Google Places is that it is free of charge and so will not eat into your entire marketing budget. You’ll be invited to add a Google Maps marker and upload photos, discount coupons and other information detailing opening hours, products and services for sale and more. 
Besides attracting more local custom, Google Places will also provide you with important data feedback about how many people searched for you online and how, when and from where (ie, which zip-codes) people did the searching, allowing you to fine tune uploaded information still further to make it more relevant to your circle of users. 
To create a Google Place account for your business go to and follow the simple instructions. 

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