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How to Advertise on YouTube for All Businesses

Jul. 09, 2013

With Google as the powerhouse behind YouTube, it has become the 2nd largest search engine on the internet. There are various types of advertising methods that can be used to promote your brand which is affordable for any business`s marketing budget. YouTube`s targeting with precision approach to advertising is a key asset that will come into play when desiring to gain increased exposure with select audiences.

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Google`s Matt Cutts Talks Google`s 10 SEO Changes

Jul. 09, 2013

Google`s Matt Cutts talks about the major SEO changes that Google will implement in the next few months. Wisdek reviews the 10 changes and evaluates how it will affect you. Learn how to avoid being affected by Google`s SEO changes.

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SlideShare: A Shark in a Fish Tank

Jul. 09, 2013

Content sharing is increasingly becoming the most efficient and effective method of disseminating information to consumers in an interesting way. SlideShare is a sharing platform that enables businesses to share content in various forms. The effectiveness and simplicity of SlideShare allows your businesses content to become portable, you can spread it farther and wider to a greater amount of people.

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The Rise of Video Marketing

Jul. 09, 2013

The increased popularity of video marketing has altered the way companies advertise their products and services. All companies encompass a shared goal, which is to increase exposure which in turn will increase profitability, if done correctly. To ensure an effective video, there are various types of content that can be included in order to efficiently market your product and service.

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Tips for a Successful LinkedIn Business Page

Jul. 08, 2013

LinkedIn is hands down the most popular and powerful social network for professionals across the world. This platform is perhaps more useful to businesses than other applications such as Facebook and Twitter due to the professional nature of this website. There are various ways a business can utilize LinkedIn to your advantage with the goal of increasing your company`s exposure and achieving a higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate.

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Get Clicked 5 Billion Times a Day on Google Plus

Jul. 05, 2013

Increasing exposure is made possible by content sharing on Google+ with the +1 button receiving 5 billion clicks per day. With 27 million pieces of content being shared on a daily basis and 60% of content-sharing messages mentioning a brand or product name, businesses should be doing everything in their power to attempt to increase their exposure. Google+ is a platform that some corporations have yet to take advantage of all this social network has to offer.

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Voice Search on Google Desktop

Jul. 04, 2013

Ever get tired of typing and just wish the answer to your question would come to you? This is made possible by Google`s voice-enabled search. Click a button, give a command, and get the task done for you efficiently and effectively. Having natural human speech rather than typed in keywords may seem as an easier means to gather your information, but what impact will this have on SEO?

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Get 67 Percent More Leads with Guest Blogging

Jul. 02, 2013

Guest blogging is an extremely important ingredient in your online marketing campaign. It is one of the best way to grow your online presence and increase exposure of your business. Many companies invest their time and effort in guest blogging for the quality traffic it sends to their business. One of the main advantages of disseminating customized content online by guest blogging is having the ability to target your content to a specific online audience instantaneously.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Jun. 27, 2013

Many small to medium sized businesses stop at search engine optimization ad basic website usability principles. This is a mistake. Conversion rate optimization is increasing the percentage of visitors to your webpage that convert into customers. Specific methods can be used to ensure your business achieves the conversion rates it deserves.

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8 Easy Ways to Find Niche Audiences for Your Business Online

May. 07, 2013

The internet is a platform which provides infinite opportunities to businesses without geographic limitations. Wisdek reviews the major advantage it gives to businesses; the immediate publishing of information and content which is available to a wide range of audiences across the world.

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